Nestled in the heart of Agios Konstantinos, Samos, Iro’s Residence Hotel boasts a one-of-a-kind location that seamlessly blends the beauty of the sea with the stunning natural surroundings of the island. The traditional architectural design of the hotel features spacious and luminous areas, harmoniously incorporated with the island’s earthy color palette, exuding a truly authentic atmosphere.

Situated on the north side of the island, our hotel is located in a picturesque seaside settlement at the foothills of Karvounis Mountain, known for its incredible natural diversity and abundance. Only 18 km northwest of the island’s capital, on the ring road to Karlovasi, the central location of our hotel offers easy access to the charming beaches of Eastern Samos, as well as the stunning natural landscapes and traditional settlements of the Northwestern side of the island. Immerse yourself in the beauty and unique character of Samos and experience the genuine warmth of the local hospitality.

Our hotel offers:

Reception service available

A buffet breakfast area and an indoor lounge area

for working, reading, or playing board games

Outdoor swimming pool

along with a children's pool

Outdoor bar and café area

next to the pool



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